A workshop with two essential elements:  the Art of Mirroring people’s stories, and the core skills and knowledge to guide people on transformational journeys in nature.  

This combination of knowledge and practice can be incorporated into many different contexts, including guiding rites of passage.Learning to Mirror involves opening one’s heart to the heart of another’s story, honoring each person’s unique way of expression, their path and way of being in the world.  Mirroring can touch many layers of the story, from the evident to the hidden.  It is a way of helping the story-teller to recognize, receive, honor and claim the richness of their own story, which may include difficult truths, hard-won victories, or radiant joy. Like a geode, the story may look dull on the outside but sparkle when it is opened.  The art of Mirroring includes knowing how to assist in that opening.  This heart-centered work can also precipitate intimacy and bonding within a group that participates in it.

If you’ve been feeling called to develop the gift of guiding and supporting others through journeys in the natural world, this program could be for you.  In its emphasis on deep listening and reflection, this program will also be of value for those working in the helping professions. In addition, those who desire primarily to deepen and enrich their own journey are welcome to attend.

When: July 11-15, 2014
Where: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Staff: Mike Bodkin, Rites of Passage Director
Cost: $675 tuition, $320 food & lodging
Deposit: $250 (non-refundable, unless program is cancelled)

To view information about food & lodging, go to cabinesoleil.com.

This program forms an essential part of the Rites of Passage Guide Training program. This is an experiential event; each day will include time spent in nature.

After completion of this training and one personal Vision Quest, participants will eligible to apprentice on other Rites of Passage programs. It can also serve as a foundation for leading shorter (1-3 day) programs in the Rites of Passage model.

Note: this program qualifies for 35 hours of Continuing Education from the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners.